Roller Blinds – ECOSCREEN

Roller Blinds are the most popular selling blind options. Choose from a dual roller blind system, a single block out roller blind, fully cassetted roller blinds, lace and sheer roller blinds or a translucent roller blind.


Single Bracket System – Block out

Single Bracket systems use a single window covering offering the most cost effective shading solution with the best level of insulation. Ideal for offices, rental properties and spec homes. Blockout Rollers can be fitted manually or fitted with a motorised unit.

Dual Bracket System – Block out & Sheer

Dual Bracket Systems offer a total privacy solution.

The dual bracket system provides for two independent blinds to work on the 1 window. Utilising daytime fabrics with night time fabrics, giving you full control of lighting, heat & privacy. A transparent sheer mesh screen allows a view out, but prevents a view in, this is incorporated with a secondary block out blind, allowing you total control. Dual Bracket System Rollers can be fitted manually or fitted with a motorised unit.

Fully Cassetted Roller Blinds

Fully Cassetted Roller Blinds are the perfect solution for when you need tocreate a near total darkness within a room. Side channel guides are fitted to both the left and right hand side of the window frame concealing the roller blind cassette and creating no gaps for light to penetrate through.

Near total darkness is often required for Hotel Rooms, Children and Babies rooms, Home Cinemas, Studio environments and Laboratories.